About Art

Primitive modern, naive art is the grotesque and charming phantasy world of  queer figures, people as well as animals, the sun and the stars. Even though it represents the style of art, the word "primitive" having the function of an atribute, it has still remained faithful to its origin. It has retained the subject matter discribing simple life and simple forms, demanding a maximum of artisctic skill. Naive art is so called, self-taught art, outsider art, raw art, amateur art, learned autodidactically after work and not instead. For many people, naive Art is associated with the smell of freshly beaten butter and humid wood lying by the stove to  dry, with aroma of stocked potatoes, smoked ham and plum jam. For others naive art it symbolize warm quitness of Sunday afternoon when the house is sleeping, bothered by some lost flies.

It is something different for everyone and yet for everyone the same:  

The evocation of melancholia and the mourning for a lost arcade, a poetic reminiscence of a lost world, the world of our childhood.